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DHI Direct Hair Implantation

Safety, Natural results & Maximum Safety

Direct Hair Implantation is the latest revolutionary DHI technique. Our goal is plain and simple – Apply the latest, most advanced innovations in hair replacement technology to give you healthy, natural looking hair.With Direct Hair Implantation shaving completely the head prior the procedure is not required, if patient wishes so. With the inique Unshaven Session patient can return back to work and daily activities, next day after the session with absolutely no problems!With DHI Direct Hair Implantation hair follicles are implanted one by one directly to the thinning area that needs to be covered. Each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth, thanks to the DHI patented tool, the DHI implanter, providing 100% natural results and maximum viability. For the extraction and the placement tiny disposable instruments are used with the diameter of 1mm or less. The implanted hairs continue to grow throughout a person’s lifetime and do not fall out.The whole procedure is performed by physicians trained and certified by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy of London, the one and only Academy in the world in hair restoration, and under strict DHI quality standardisation protocols that we have set up to ensure great results every time.Direct Hair Implantation eliminates the use of scalpels and, best of all, the procedure is pain free. Once the procedure is completed, new hair continues to grow naturally for life. The main aim of this new, advanced technique is to increase the survival and growth of the hair follicles by diminishing their handling and the time they stay out of the skin. In extreme hair loss cases and when hairs on the back of the head are not enough to cover the recipient area, it is possible to use facial and body hair.This amazing new technique is available now at DHI clinics worldwide. DHI Direct Hair Implantation treatment is suitable for male and female patients.

 Why DHI technique is better

  • It’s a simple, yet advanced medical procedure with outstanding and 100% natural results!
  • Minimal postoperative medication is needed because the whole procedure is performed quickly and painlessly.
  • The procedure eliminates the need for reception holes because the placement of new hair follicles is performed using the DHI Implanter.
  • Medical assistants no longer need to handle hair follicles during the procedure. Previously, with older techniques, the handling of hair follicles was necessary during certain phases of the procedure, such as to examine them under a microscope, when preserving them in a saline solution in Petri dishes, when counting them and also when loading the implanters.

DHI Direct Hair Implantation



  • Smaller diameter punches (0.7-0.85 mm) lead to faster healing and less marks.
  • Direct implantation of grafts without receptions results in less trauma of the skin and less damage to the local blood supply.
  • Less invasive.
  • Less traumatic.
  • Significantly reduced bleeding.
  • Minimal risk of infection as the hair follicles are transferred immediately from the donor area to the recipient area.
  • No microscope needed, so that the exposure of the hair follicles in intense light and heat is avoided.
  • No handling of the grafts is required, thus increasing the survival of the hair follicles.
  • Less tiring for the patient (seated position).
  • Diminished desiccation of the grafts (minimal time out of the skin).
  • Less anaesthesia and less medication is needed.
  • Increased graft survival.
  • Early hair growth as most transferred hair follicles enter the anagen phase immediately.